Upstream Process & Conveyor System

Upstream Process Equipment & Conveyor System:
We provide professional upstream processing equipment system design and installation. Beside, we also supply variety of conveyor system from slate chain conveyor, metal conveyor, PVC belt conveyor, chain conveyor, roller conveyor and others.


Vepro depalletiser equipment is an effective material handling system to remove products or material which comes in pallets into further processing station like conveyor. It come with 2 system, HDP series high level and LDP series low level low level depalletiser to meet the different requirement from the production. Our depalletiser  to meet the different requirement from the production. Our depaletiser equipped with advance HMI touchscreen panel for easy control and operation. The partition can be taken out and stacked up automatically. The pallet can be gathered and stacked up after empty containers are unload.


The UNA unscramble is adopted with rotary type, selecting pieces, descending chutes, and moreover being auxiliary with air pressure force to keep the empty bottles move continuously on the filling line. The UNA series is flexible for different bottles se with change part for selecting pieces and descending chutes only, and it’s convenient to change over without any tools.


Rinser is use to wash the glass and plastic bottles. Our VPA-R series rinser equipped water injection devices with hot & cool water or just air to cleaning the bottle. The water can be recycle through the built in circulation system. With no bottle no injection system which controlled by photo sensor. The rotary system are designed to handle multi-phase washing which is subject to customers requirement.

Filling Systems

There are many type of filling systems which apply to different type of beverage, either carbonated or non-carbonated. We offer complete ranges of rotary type filling system for beverages industries, among of commons are volumetric filling, convection filling, gravity filling, pressurized filling and others.

The choice of filling machine depends on the range of viscosities, temperature, particulate size, foam characteristics and hazardous environment considerations. We also supply upstream processing system &equipment for beverage, such as drinking water, yogurt, fresh milk, juice, coffee, carbonated soft drink, tea and others. Our filling system & equipment offer low to high speed filling capacity range from 100 to 1,000 bottles per min, which subject to type of bottles.

We offer total innovative filling solution, from product to system, from consulting to expertise and of course, the quality after sales service and support.

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