CIM (Computer Intergrated Management)

We developed a CIM system that is flexible and expandable with a wide range of machine tools, automation devices, robots and software to be integrated into a system. It is based on the open concept of sharing data that able to interfaces with CAD/CAM, databases, MRP and other manufacturing software. The system provides maximum flexibility using cell controller technology to communicate with various components or parts incorporated in the CIM system.

This system provides the benefit of extending the system at any time with additional modules. CIM system is suitable to used as a teaching and training of manufacturing engineering students in areas related to industrial automation, material handling, CNC machining, assembly, vision inspection, robotics system and system integration.

FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)

A Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) generally consists of a number of CNC machine tools along with part and tool handling devices such as material handling system and robots that is controlled by one or more dedicated supervisory computers. A typical flexible manufacturing system can completely process the members of one or more part families on a continuing basis without human intervention. FMS brings flexibility to manufacturing so that a part can be produced when the market requires it. The system is flexible enough to suit changing market conditions and product type without buying other equipment.

This system has been designed for those involved in Industrial Automation, Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing Technology courses. Students are able to learn and practice automated cell design and control principles, as well as networking and communication between workstations and equipment.


  • Advance automation principles that includes CAD/CAM, Robotics and CNC programming
  • Modular and expandable to accommodate additional module, robots and machine tools
  • Easily integrated with PC or PLC
  • Industrial type software for CAD/CAM
  • Robots mounted on a base for linear traverses
  • Tutor and students workstations equipped with CAD/CAM software

Education Robot

6 Axis Articulated Education Robotic Arm Complete with Gripper

VTR-EDR-010 is a Six-axis articulated robotic arm designed to teach the industrial robot technology in the simplest and most entertaining way. It connects to the serial port of your computer and is controlled via Vepro Control Software. Additional on board analogue/digital inputs and digital outputs allow VTR-EDR-010 to be interfaced with other devices to form a sophisticated robotic system.


  • 6 Axis Articulated Educational Robotic Arm
  • Connects to the serial port on your PC and is controlled via VEPRO control software.
  • Can easily be interfaced with other robotics/control system.
  • All axes are driven by stepper motors
  • Body and gripper are made of light weight material.
  • Gripper end effecter

The heart of the VTR-EDR-010 is Vepro Smart Controller. With four digital inputs and two digital outputs, it can easily be interfaced with a wide range of external devices

Computer Training System

We provide computer training system to students of Information Technology in Colleges and Universities that includes network server, data logging / management workstation, non linear editing workstation, multimedia workstation and computer repair.