Palletizing System

Our robotic palletizing system deploys 4 or 6 axis articulated robots for flexible, high durability palletising solution. Ranging from payload of 3kg to 500kg, Vepro robot palletising can handle up to 3000 cartons per hour, End effector customisation is our core competency in response to customer requirement. They can operate at up to 5-7 cycles per minutes or faster with payloads that can be up to 500kg. Besides, it can collect empty pallets from magazines, slip sheets and cohesive with various types of picking head like gripper, suction pad, damping and others. it can palletise up to a 4 standard pallet; to the front of the robot, or more depending on the pallet location and robot handling speed

Cartoning System

Our robotic pick and place system picks the products and place them into various locations. The custom designed robot gripper can handle different types of shapes of products and maximize per pick quality based on output capacity. Products like bottles, sachet, pouch, individual pack, display carton, tube etc. can be picked and placed at the designated area. Separation and re-orientation can be performed when the need arise.

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